Is US Presidential Elections 2020 Postponed?


The pandemic also prompted the postponement of primary elections in some states, an event that brought a sober question to the mind of many Americans: Could the U.S. presidential election scheduled for Nov. 3 be delayed if necessary? Although some alternative voting methods exist, most citizens still vote by reporting to polling places in person to cast their ballots. If the pandemic still required the maintaining of social distancing as much as possible come November, thereby forcing millions of Americans to choose between skipping voting or risking the spreading of an infectious disease, what would the alternative be? Could the U.S. delay the election until pandemic-related restrictions had been eased?   Colorado is one of only a few states with a vote-at-home model — although the number of states is growing every year. In our case, vote at home means that three weeks before Election Day, county clerks mail ballots to every voter in the state. Voters can then take their time — in the comfort of their own homes — to review the issues and candidates, complete their ballots and return them by 7 p.m. on election night in one of three ways: at a ballot drop box, by mail or in person at a vote center. Mastio & Lawrence: Sanders keeps arguing for a revolution most Democrats don’t want The drop boxes are the most popular — more than 75% of voters make use of them, compared with roughly 20% who return their ballots by mail — due to convenience. All drop boxes are accessible 24 hours a day, and they are dispersed throughout the state. Some don’t even require voters to get out of their cars! Fewer than 5% of Colorado voters use in-person vote centers, though these locations provide important resources like same-day voter registration, accessible voting and replacements for those who spilled coffee on their original ballot (one of the only downsides of voting at home). But because so few voters use them, large Colorado counties have about a 10th as many vote centers on Election Day as they would have precinct polling places under the traditional voting model. That’s a 10th of the opportunities to come into contact with an infected person during a pandemic.

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